The Squad Up! Suicide Squad Cosplay Has Begun!

Cosplay is about having fun.We dress up and build awesome props and costumes because it is what we love to do.We love to cosplay popular movies,animes,witches.The Suicide Squad is now all the rage.It has been making headlines a lot!

As most people do,we love the role Harleen Quinzel most,we want everything she had.Here we have the same design of the cosplay wig as Harleen Quinzel’s.



The wig is made of rayon,it’s soft and smooth.And most imporantly,it is same as Harleen Quinzel’s hair in the movie Suicide Squad.

As long as we mention Harleen Quinzel,we can’t ignore her red and royal blue costume,it is so bright and cool.



This cosplay costume is made of polyester fiber,and it’s not single,it was sold with the T-shirt inside and the pants.

I have to say that the accessories are also important in the move,they can inhance the characteristics of the role.





After all,I have to say,cosplay should never be a race to get more likes or followers.As soon as it starts to get too competitive, that is when the fun stops and all the drama begins.I want this to be a community in which we support each other!

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